Despite the challenges and tumult of 2020, communities across the Indiana Uplands are not only still standing, they are finding ways to advance education, workforce, and quality of place. Conducted virtually on October 13, ROI’s Annual Report to the Region celebrated the hard work, innovation, and collaboration that is moving our region toward a more prosperous future. Watch this year’s video series to see how we are using our strengths to ensure that the Uplands continues to be poised for success.

Indiana Uplands: A Region on The Way UP!

The Indiana Uplands region is thriving thanks to some incredible achievements. While we could not be in person this year to share everything that’s going on, here are just a few of the many great things happening in each of our 11-counties!

ROI Annual Report to the Region and Sector Panel

In the Indiana Uplands, we are hard-working, innovative people who care deeply for our communities, our neighbors, and region. In this year’s annual report, ROI President and CEO Tina Peterson shares some of our strengths and accomplishments from the past year.

Leaders from Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and National Security and Defense also share their perspectives on the current state of their sectors and offer insights into how the events of 2020 have impacted their organizations. Presenters include Denis Johnson, Vice President and General Manager, Catalent Bloomington, John Schroeder, Vice President of Driveline Manufacturing at Jasper Engines and Transmissions, and Dr. Kyle Werner, Director of Engagement of NSWC Crane.

Housing: The Missing Middle

In the Indiana Uplands, we are beginning to tackle the need for more diverse housing choices for those who live in our region and those we seek to attract. Like many other communities across the country, we lack housing that appeals to those who want to live in walkable communities, close to work, and near transportation arteries. Missing middle housing refers to the housing types between single-family housing and mid-to large apartment complexes. These housing types appeal to a range of residents and are often missing from our construction mix. Presenters Amy Haase of RDG Planning & Design and Jerry Reimer of Urban Village discuss how addressing this gap will create more housing options and more livable communities.

Talent Recruitment & Retention: Build UP Your Talent

Now more than ever, talent recruitment and retention are timely topics for the Uplands region. Special guests from Ascend Network, Engage Mentoring, and Indiana INTERNnet share strategies for helping employers successfully and proactively address their workforce challenges. Learn about work-based learning as a talent recruitment strategy, an innovative model for retaining employees using a mentoring platform designed to meet the needs of organizations of any size, and tools for matching talent to employer needs.

The Implications of COVID 19 on Education Systems

In an incredibly short period of time, educational systems across the country had no choice but to rapidly redesign delivery systems for K-12 and post-secondary education. Dr. Laura Hammack of Brown County Schools and President Chuck Johnson of Vincennes University have led their education communities through the process of adapting to the challenges of today while preparing their organizations to move forward in the face of many unknowns. They share what will come next for education – now, next year, in the long term.

Indiana Uplands Regional Innovation Awards Ceremony

The Indiana Uplands Innovation Awards recognize meaningful improvements to education, economic development, and/or quality of place within the 11 counties of the Uplands region. These awards highlight the amazing people and organizations working to make the Indiana Uplands a special place to work, live, learn, and play! Congratulations to the 2020 winners:

  • Regional Resiliency Award: Project Hope
  • Talent Innovation Award: Lawrence County Workforce Coalition
  • STEM Innovation Award: NSWC Crane STEM Team
  • Quality of Place Innovation Award: School-Based Telehealth Program
  • Regional Collaboration Award: White River Military Coordination Alliance
  • Regional Diversity Award: Boston Scientific
  • Becky Skillman Regional Leadership Award: Dr. Laura Hammack