ROI began working with a team of public and private stakeholders in 2019 to explore our region’s national security and defense industry’s growth potential and determine how best to catalyze the WestGate@Crane Technology Park into a next-level economic development nexus.

ROI worked with its WestGate@Crane Steering Committee to articulate a new vision and master plan for WestGate@Crane to capitalize on industry growth opportunities and help the tech park become an important research destination for America’s defense industry.

The WestGate@Crane master plan leverages the park’s rural location through the creation of significant outdoor-oriented recreational opportunities coupled with mixed-use business and research amenities that give life to new ideas and innovation activities. WestGate@Crane will draw in top talent from across the nation with a bold lifestyle district that meets daily work needs in an engaging setting and provides robust and meaningful connections to the natural environment.