The purpose of these Occupational Needs Assessment reports is to highlight the education and workforce needs of the advanced manufacturing, life sciences and national security and defense sectors in the greater Southwest Central Indiana region (now called the Indiana Uplands).

These reports will guide Regional Opportunity Initiatives, Inc. in the implementation of education and workforce initiatives. It is our hope that they will also serve to support others in our region, and beyond, in tailoring initiatives to meet the specific needs of the students, families, educators and employers who call the Indiana Uplands home.

The Occupational Needs Assessment represents the results of data collected from two sources: quantitative analyses completed by Thomas P. Miller and Associates (TPMA) and qualitative analyses conducted by ROI staff that entailed semi-structured interviews with industry leaders focusing on workforce needs. The information contained in the reports is not a broad labor statistic survey. Rather, it is a first step in developing targeted strategies specific to the needs of employers in our 11-county region.

ONA Life Sciences
Life Sciences Occupational Needs Assessment
ONA National Security and Defense
National Security and Defense Occupational Needs Assessment
ONA Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing Occupational Needs Assessment