Regional Opportunity Initiatives, Inc., is supporting and planning for investments in quality of place development that have the potential to benefit the entire Indiana Uplands region.

Digital Inclusion

ROI is working on a regional digital inclusion planning effort to advance broadband connectivity as well as digital literacy, access to devices, community and economic development, and quality of life in general for the Uplands region. With assistance from the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD) and funding from ROI, each county is creating a plan to help their community adapt and prosper in the digital age. Learn More »

Regional Housing Study & Webinar Series

Housing is cited as a common and significant challenge across all 11 counties in the Indiana Uplands. ROI commissioned RDG, a comprehensive planning and design consultant with a specialization in housing, to complete both a regional and county-by-county analysis of housing in the Uplands, providing quantifiable targets for housing development in the region by income, type, and location. ROI launched a webinar series to complement the study by helping counties explore challenges and strategies for advancing housing opportunities in the Uplands. Learn More »

Ready Communities — Quality of Place and Workforce Attraction 

All 11 Indiana Uplands counties received ROI planning grants in 2018 to develop Quality of Life and Workforce Attraction Plans to support investment in quality-of-place developments that have the potential to benefit the entire region. These plans detail projects and priorities for each county that have the potential to advance aesthetics and beautification, connectivity and infrastructure, and community cohesion and support in a meaningful way. Three rounds of follow-on grants were made available to counties to implement strategies and goals outlined in the plans that will enhance the region’s ability to thrive as both a desirable and a competitive place to work, live, play and invest. Learn More »

Grant Writing Fellowship

ROI has developed a Grant Writing Fellowship to help support Uplands communities and organizations secure grant funding from various funding sources at the local, regional, state, and federal levels. This initiative will support grant writers pursuing projects and programs that improve the quality of life for Uplands residents across a variety of community needs. Learn More »

Indiana Uplands Website

Indiana Uplanders—from students to visionaries, artisans to entrepreneurs—are thriving in our region. Like our hills and forests that reach to the heights, Indiana Uplands is a region on the rise. In 2020, we launched a new website to showcase all there is to offer in the Indiana Uplands. This website showcases neighbors, communities, and businesses that are thriving in the Uplands. 

The Indiana Uplands is a destination for opportunity, and is a resource for those looking to visit, work, live, or invest in our region. Learn More »

WestGate@Crane Technology Park Master Plan

ROI began working with a team of public and private stakeholders in 2019 to explore our region’s national security and defense industry’s growth potential and determine how best to catalyze the WestGate@Crane Technology Park into a next-level economic development nexus.

ROI worked with its WestGate@Crane Steering Committee to articulate a new vision and master plan for WestGate@Crane to capitalize on industry growth opportunities and help the tech park become an important
research destination for America’s defense industry.

The new WestGate@Crane master plan leverages the park’s rural location through the creation of significant outdoor-oriented recreational opportunities coupled with mixed-use business and research amenities that give life to new ideas and innovation activities. WestGate@Crane will draw in top talent from across the nation with a bold lifestyle district that meets daily work needs in an engaging setting and provides robust and meaningful connections to the natural environment. Learn More »

Indiana Uplands Industry Clusters

The region’s 2014 strategic plan identified advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and national security and defense as the sectors that offer the Indiana Uplands the greatest opportunity for economic and community prosperity. Since 2014, regional partners have coalesced around a strategic approach to growing sector businesses and startups in the region and in developing a robust talent pipeline. ROI is currently working with TEConomy Partners to define the next level of supports necessary to further catalyze opportunity and possibility by focusing on the expansion, retention, and attraction of these sectors in the Indiana Uplands.