In the Uplands, we combine a strong region with a dedicated workforce to do more than simply support industries. Here in the Uplands, we inspire new ideas, develop sustainable futures, and maintain a competitive advantage. Drawing from vast local resources of discovery and brilliant minds, Uplanders are global leaders and opportunity-creators.

Click on an Indiana Uplands professional below to access their career shadow video, biographical sketch, and curriculum resources for grades 3-12.

Advanced Manufacturing

Life Science


For young career explorers…

In the heart of the Uplands, children explore endless career opportunities. Every future a child can imagine is right here.

These standards-aligned activities for kindergarten through second grade provide young students with hands-on opportunities to practice the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for different career opportunities in the Indiana Uplands. Each activity guide includes a video introduction to the career, educator notes and student handouts, as well as detailed materials lists and timing guides. Click on the activities below to learn more!

Sometimes you have to conduct an experiment again, again, — and again — before you come to a conclusion.

Phases of Fun encourages students to explore the phases of matter and complete a simple chemical experiment.

With a little computer programming, Emily really upped her security game. After that, Noah didn’t stand a chance.

In Keep It Safe, students encode and decode secret messages to lear how cybersecurity experts keep information safe.

When Suzy grows up, she wants to be an engineer. Inspired by a mentor, she discovers how engineers use trial and error to design ways for all kinds of things to work better. Behold her masterpiece.

You Are an Engineer! Students engineer a “grabber” tool to pick up different objects and place them in a box.

When Charlotte grows up, she wants to be a maintenance technician just like her grandpa.

In You Can Fix It, students explore their school playground and look for ways to repair or improve their environment.