In the Uplands, we combine a strong region with a dedicated workforce to do more than simply support industries. Here in the Uplands, we inspire new ideas, develop sustainable futures, and maintain a competitive advantage. Drawing from vast local resources of discovery and brilliant minds, Uplanders are global leaders and opportunity-creators.

Industry Sectors

The Uplands boasts specialization in the advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and national security industries. Click on each industry below to learn how a a culture of innovation and a dedicated, highly skilled workforce are transforming ideas and technologies that protect lives and improve our world.

Advanced Manufacturing Image
Life Sciences Image
National Security and Defense Image

Uplands Careers

Click on an Indiana Uplands professional below to access their career shadow video, biographical sketch, and curriculum resources for grades 3-12.

Cory - CNC Machinist
Yolanda - Industrial Engineer
Nick - Maintenance Technician
Trae - Pharmaceutical Scientist
Dathan - Biomedical Manufacturing Operator
Sarah - Production Technician
Gaby - Electrical Engineer
Matt - Mechanical Engineer
Barry - Cybersecurity Analyst

For Young Career Explorers

In the heart of the Uplands, children explore endless career opportunities. Every future a child can imagine is right here.

These standards-aligned activities for kindergarten through second grade provide young students with hands-on opportunities to practice the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for different career opportunities in the Indiana Uplands. Each activity guide includes a video introduction to the career, educator notes, and student handouts, as well as detailed materials lists and timing guides. Click on the activities below to learn more!

Experimenting with Science
Protecting My Piggy Bank
Suzy Builds A Catapult
Charlotte Fixes Everything