Dathan is a biomedical manufacturing operator at Catalent in Bloomington, Indiana. He works in a lab where he grows cell cultures that are modified to produce vaccines and medications. Dathan isolates the needed proteins from these cells, performs testing and collects data to make sure that the substance will be pure enough to be approved for further testing and use.

Biotechnology combines biology and chemistry knowledge for industrial purposes such as manufacturing pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Dathan pursued a career in this field because he was able to use his science and math skills to create solutions for people in the real world. In the lab, Dathan has to use precise, technical skills to maintain a sterile environment and ensure the purity of the substances he helps produce.

To learn more about Dathan and his career path, explore his profile page.

Resources for Educators, Parents, and Students

These standards-aligned activities provide students with opportunities to practice the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for a career similar to Dathan’s role as a biomedical manufacturing operator. Each activity guide provides educators with both leader notes and student handouts, as well as detailed materials lists and timing guides. Click on the activities below to learn more!

Grades 3-5

Operation Separation

Use physical properties to separate substances and explore the differences between mixtures and solutions.

Grades 6-8

Cheek Cells & DNA

Stain and examine cheek cells and isolate DNA using alcohol precipitation.

Grades 9-12

Paper Plasmids

Create a paper model to understand how DNA is moved into new cells to produce new proteins.

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