Regional Opportunity Initiatives (ROI) has created an opportunity for counties in the Indiana Uplands to participate in a regional digital inclusion planning effort to advance broadband and connectivity in their communities and across the region

From e-learning to remote work, telehealth, internet reliability, and access to devices — digital inclusiveness is crucial to the healthy functioning of our community. This study will look at digital infrastructure, devices, and digital literacy in the Indiana Uplands.

ROI’s digital inclusion effort will provide counties with resources to create a plan to help their communities adapt and prosper in this digital age. ROI and the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD) will work with each county to develop a county plan that will form a broader regional plan.

This strategy will capitalize on the work each county has already completed to become broadband ready, helping to create a comprehensive digital inclusion plan that will enhance connections and provide additional tools to develop resiliency in the Uplands region.

Indiana Uplands Digital Inclusion Grant Workshop — October 5, 2020

Intelligent Community Checklist 

Each County Digital Advisory Team (CDAT) was asked to complete the Intelligent Community Checklist by October 30, 2020.

Digital Capital Survey

CDATs disseminated a Digital Capital Survey to community members October-November, 2020/

CDAT Toolkit

ROI created tools that you can use to help complete this process in your community.  Those tools include sample meeting agendas, social media content templates, sample email notices for the survey and/or public input session. Download the CDAT Toolkit.

CDAT Public Input Session Toolkit

These tools include email invitation and social media content templates for CDAT public input sessions. Downlad the CDAT Public Input Session Toolkit.

More about ROI’s Digital Inclusion Study

ROI launches initiative to advance regional broadband connectivity and digital inclusiveness (Nov 5, 2020)

Have questions? Please contact Lisa Abbott, Vice President of Economic and Community Development, at or call (812) 287-8118.