A 2-3 year experience that provides a paid job, career credentials, and college courses while still in high school.

UpSkill offers students the chance to discover career interests and pathways they cannot learn in the classroom and employers the opportunity to grow their workforce. Serving as the intermediary organization, ROI is working with high schools, employers, and higher education partners to launch this program in the Indiana Uplands.

UpSkill provides a 2-3 year opportunity for both the student and the employer. Participating students gain paid employment with on-the-job and related classroom instruction. ROI provides support with student applications, interviews, placement, trainings, and ongoing guidance.

How does it work?

Students are identified in their sophomore year in high school and participate in interviews. After being selected by employers, they begin their journey in their junior year with a 10-12 hour a week placement. In their senior year, students build up to 15-20 hours per week, which can lead to full or part-time employment, advanced training, or college coursework the third year.

Potential Career Pathways


Automation & Robotics

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Design & Technologies

National Security
& Defense






Medical Device

Production Technologies

& IT

Information Technology

Human Resources

Finance & Marketing

How is this different from an internship?

UpSkill is a longer experience for both the student and the employer that provides a multi-year placement and supporting instruction for a specific occupation. Activities at the worksite include on-the-job training and exposure to career possibilities. Additional training includes opportunities that align with industry requirements.

ActivitiesJunior YearSenior YearPost Graduation
At The Worksite10-20 hours
per week
15-20 hours
per week
Full or part
Additional TrainingIndustry recognized
Industry recognized
Advanced training
or college coursework

Which schools are participating?

Edgewood HS, Owen Valley HS, Mitchell HS, Orleans HS, and North Lawrence Career Center are participating in the pilot year.

The schools will assist in recruitment, academic/career pathway alignment, monitoring, and scheduling. Each student will also have a mentor that will provide support throughout the UpSkill program.

Interested students are encouraged to fill out the UpSkill Interest Form:

Which employers are participating?

Participating employers include SAIC, Indiana Limestone Fabricators, Texacon & Bedford Limestone Supplies, FiveStar Technology, Even Automation, RTC Communication, Graber Post Building, German American Bank, VET Environmental Engineering, and World Arts. More employers will be signing on as we grow. Interested employers can contact ROI for information on how to participate.

For more information, please contact Jen Staab, Career Connections Specialist, at (812) 287-8116 or jenstaab@regionalopportunityinc.org.

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