Youth Apprenticeship Week Profile: Bryden Dausch

Edgewood High School senior Bryden Dausch applied for an UpSkill apprenticeship because he knew it would help him get a head-start when he began job searching after graduating.

“Even if I didn’t get placed somewhere I liked, it would be great for resume building,” he said.


Luckily, Dausch loves where he enjoys working for VET Environmental Engineering in Bloomington. He said the best part about being an UpSkill apprentice is the people he works with at VET. 

“My coworkers are amazing people who helped me every step of the way,” he said.

And the feeling is mutual.

“Bryden has been a great fit at VET.  Utilizing his elevated technological knowledge, Bryden has brought new and critical skills to the team,” said Justin Helmer, VET Environmental Engineering’s Chief Financial Officer. “He has contributed to the company’s work ethic and has helped promote a friendly work environment.  Bryden has been essential in helping VET meet the needs of our clients.”

Dausch said one of the most significant lessons he has gained as an UpSkill apprentice is experiencing a genuine “work environment.”

“It isn’t the same as being a student and the experience is invaluable,” he said.

Helmer said Dausch used his technological knowledge to help VET’s GIS analyst with mapping and figures.

“Bryden has learned a lot in his time at VET and through that time we have seen Bryden grow into a more confident and hardworking individual who is learning skills that will help him as he continues to decide his school and career path,” he said.

Learning those GIS skills Dausch has already influenced the pathway he wants to follow after graduation. Having been uncertain about his post-high school plans, Dausch said his UpSkill experience provided more clarity. Now he wants to pursue informatics in college to work in GIS analysis. He plans to attend Ivy Tech this fall and will continue to work for VET.

Dausch said UpSkill has been one of the best opportunities he has received yet in his life – and he encourages other students to apply.

If you’re not sure, do it anyway. You can leave the program if you feel it’s not for you, but it’s far easier than expected,” he said. 

“This is one of the best opportunities you will ever receive this early in life.”

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