Youth Apprenticeship Week Profile: Maddison Simmerman

Bedford North Lawrence High School junior Maddison Simmerman finds the greatest joy in her UpSkill apprenticeship from the supportive individuals who champion her success.


Simmerman, intrigued by engineering, gets hands-on experience at PRD Inc. in Springville, known for its plastic injection molding service. During her time with PRD, Simmerman has made “several contributions” to their engineering department, PRD President Mark Murphy said.

“She has actively participated in 3D printing projects, fixture design, and Arduino electronics platform initiatives,” he said.

A particularly notable achievement was Simmerman’s successful completion of her Global Certification Exam for Plastic Injection Molding Professionals, which Murphy said was a “significant milestone” during her time at PRD.

Murphy highlighted the importance of offering apprenticeship opportunities to young women like Simmerman in industries historically dominated by men, as it contributes to reshaping perceptions of the manufacturing and plastics sectors.

“One of the coolest things about having Maddie onboard is she is breaking down stereotypes that manufacturing is for men,” he said.

Beyond providing support for her future achievements, Simmerman said her apprenticeship with PRD Inc. has influenced her post-high school pathway by offering a firsthand glimpse into her desired career path – which is the reason she applied for an apprenticeship.

“I saw the opportunities this program gave me to go out and explore the career I was most interested in,” she said. “I’ve learned so far to be easy on myself. Everyone learns differently and makes mistakes at times.” 

Murphy said Simmerman is the “perfect fit” for their team.

“Her professionalism, positive attitude, and reliability have made her an invaluable asset,” he said. “What’s truly inspiring about high school apprentices like Maddie is their transformation. Initially, they may enter the program feeling uncertain, like a deer caught in headlights – quiet and lacking confidence. However, within a very short period, they discover their voice, we see their confidence soar, and they realize, ‘I can do this!’

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