Matt is a mechanical engineer at the NSWC Crane in southern Indiana. As a civilian employee, he designs, builds, and repairs sensor systems that go on Naval ships, vehicles, and aircraft. 

Matt uses 3D printing and prototyping to create and test new designs, ensuring that the final products work correctly before they are sent into the field. Engineers want to know how and why things work and mechanical engineers focus on designing physical tools and equipment. Like all engineers, mechanical engineers develop and test prototypes for new designs and revise and repair existing ones. Matt started his career at Crane as a summer co-op student while still in college. 

To learn more about Matt and his career path, explore his profile page.

Resources for Educators, Parents, and Students

These standards-aligned activities provide students with opportunities to practice the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for a career similar to Matt’s role as a mechanical engineer. Each activity guide provides educators with both leader notes and student handouts, as well as detailed materials lists and timing guides. Click on the activities below to learn more!

Grades 3-5

Boats that Float

Design and build boats out of household items to carry a load.

Grades 6-8

Spuds to Subs

Explore neutral buoyancy by making a potato submarine.

Grades 9-12

Lend a Hand

Create hand-like devices to pick up and move different objects.

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