What happens when three rural school districts collaborate in radical new ways?

More opportunities, more programs, more classes, more resources, and more learning experiences to set up students for successful careers and positive futures!

Watch the video to hear from the students themselves on why the Collaboration of Shoals, Orleans, and Mitchell Schools is a success story for the Indiana Uplands!

Several years ago, the superintendents of these three school districts began exploring a bold idea: what if, despite being not only in different school systems, but in different counties, they applied for an ROI Ready Schools Planning Grant together?

Their goal is to reshape how they educate students: to better prepare them for a more successful future, to provide regional businesses and industries with better qualified and prepared employees, and to make it possible for more young people to stay in the region.

The Ready Schools Initiative enables school districts to engage community stakeholders and develop strategic plans designed to support students in achieving academic and career goals aligned with regional workforce needs, with a particular focus on the Indiana Uplands advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and national security and defense sectors. Schools selected for the ROI’s Ready Schools program received planning grants and technical support to support the process and were eligible to apply for implementation plans aligned to Ready Schools goals and their strategic plans.

COSMOS brought together teams of educators, business owners, and community and regional industry leaders to design a unified approach to providing a more relevant, up-to-date, and effective educational experience for all students. In the last five years, Ready Schools has enabled COSMOS to implement new pathway programs, educator training, transportation between schools, digital fabrication labs, STEM programming, shared engagement opportunities, and much more.

Today, collaboration is giving these small school districts the edge they need to stretch limited resources in surprisingly powerful ways—and give students access to valuable opportunities. See what COSMOS is up to next at: https://www.facebook.com/COSMOSIndiana