In this webinar, Heather Presley-Cowen from Capital Stacker and Adam Vaal of Multifamily Finance Consulting LLC come together to unveil the synergies between innovative capital stacking techniques and the leveraging power of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and other projects. This session is designed for community leaders to take actionable steps toward solving housing issues, leveraging the groundbreaking H.O.M.E. Method and traditional financial models.

Adam Vaal, Multifamily Finance Consulting, LLC

Adam has led the financing on over 500 million in project costs as well as closed on over 2,500 units. Adam takes the lead on underwriting, financial modeling, financing and investor calls after the project has been successfully awarded, if affordable, or cleared to pursue, if market rate. Previously, Adam worked for a national multi-family developer in the finance department and a national LIHTC syndicator in the underwriting department. He loves the new challenge of joining a small, dedicated team and being more involved in the project from start to finish. Adam lives in Indianapolis with his wife, daughter, dog and cat. He enjoys rooting on local sports team, camping, golfing and puzzling. Adam has a bachelor’s in finance with a minor in economics and holds the Chartered Financial Consultant designation for financial planning.

Heather Presley-Cowen, Capital Stacker

Specializing in working with government, community & business leaders to design customized, “homegrown” solutions to address local housing and community development needs, Heather Presley-Cowen brings more than 25 years of housing & economic development-related experience to communities seeking to grow and thrive in today’s tough economic environment. After nearly two decades of working with Indiana’s second largest city as its senior executive responsible for directing, developing, and planning the overall housing and neighborhood development strategies for the Fort Wayne area, in 2010 Presley-Cowen created CED Services, an Indiana certified minority-owned women’s business enterprise.  A self-described capital stacker, Heather invented the Housing Optimization Market Empowerment (H.O.M.E.) Method, a proprietary housing delivery system designed to expedite and optimize workforce housing solutions. Working with elected officials and community leaders to undertake large- and small-scale housing-related placemaking initiatives is Heather’s forte. Heather possesses a wealth of experience in community & economic development, strategic planning, leadership development and public policy, including both financial and programmatic administration of federal funds. In 2020, she co-founded the Housing Resource Hub (“The Hub”), a nonprofit housing development organization and launched Club 720®, a SaaS model fintech platform that concurrently delivers individual and community resiliency by bridging the wealth gap one relationship at a time.  Presley-Cowen’s work with improving performance in local government has been highlighted in publications regarding government efficiency and productivity. Her work with improving development permitting processes can be found in publications by Quality guru Michael George’s books on Six Sigma and in former Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard’s book, “Performance is the Best Politics”.

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