The Ready Housing program is funding projects that increase the supply of owner-occupied and rental housing to meet the workforce needs of Indiana Uplands employers. Up to $9 million dollars of READI funding has been earmarked to support this program aligned with the goals outlined in the Indiana Uplands “Region on the Rise” READI Development Plan. To see projects that have been awarded Ready Housing funds, view READI Projects & Programs.


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, as funding allows. Applications received by the 15th of each month will be reviewed within 30 days. Please review the Program Summary/Request for Proposal for more information on deadlines and timeline requirements.

Application Materials

This document includes grant guidelines, timeline, eligible organizations and projects, evaluation criteria and more.

Access the ROI Grant Portal
Ready to get started? Access the ROI Grant Portal for the Ready Housing proposal application.

Supplementary Materials

View the video recording from the June 29 Ready Housing Zoom Workshop on YouTube.

SAM Registration
A registration within (System for Award Management) is required in order to qualify for federal contracts or grants. An up-to-date SAM registration is required in order for you to receive payment. Businesses and entities that register on are issued a Unique Entity ID, a 12-character alphanumeric ID. Applicants will include their Unique Entity ID on their Housing applications. For more information, visit: