Advancing Regional Prosperity through Quality of Place and Community Workforce Attraction Grants

Following the Ready Communities Planning Grant stage, up to $3 million in implementation grants will be available in 2019-2020 to eligible organizations within counties that have completed Quality of Place and Workforce Attraction Plans.

The following is a list of implementation funding categories and some examples of the types of projects or programs that may be eligible for Ready Communities Grant funding.

Aesthetics and Beautification Enhancements

  • Place branding
  • Public art
  • Streetscape beautification
  • Park enhancements
  • Main street type investments

Connectivity Infrastructure Development

  • Bike & pedestrian paths
  • Trail enhancements
  • Walkability improvements
  • Public broadband or wi-fi
  • Public transit or other transportation needs

Community Cohesion & Support 

  • Childcare facilities
  • Workforce training centers
  • Public spaces
  • Innovation spaces
  • Farmers markets