EAGLE CORNER: Career Connected Learning offering apprenticeships to local students

Career Connected Learning (CCL) in Brown County offers students career-related opportunities such as career exploration, career engagement and career experiences that all require local industry partnerships. Our Brown County Schools students are involved in CCL activities throughout K-12, but there’s a new opportunity that’s unique to our high school students. Brown County High School sophomores and juniors can now apply, interview, and obtain apprenticeships that will give them paid work experience alongside classroom instruction. This is just one of the newest ways Career Connected Learning allows for an authentic and relevant education that connects our community and workforce needs with education.

In 2022, Regional Opportunity Initiative (ROI), started their first high school UpSkill program for apprenticeships. The UpSkill program offers students a two to three year paid opportunity to gain on-the-job experience and classroom instruction with companies who are looking to expand their workforce here in the Indiana Uplands Region. ROI serves as the intermediary for facilitating these opportunities with schools, industry, and postsecondary institutions. The potential career pathways associated with these apprenticeships are aligned with our state and regional workforce needs which include national security and defense, business and information technology, health sciences, and advanced manufacturing. Last year, nine high schools in the Indiana Uplands Region participated in UpSkill, and in 2023, Brown County High School has become the 10th high school to partner with ROI in the UpSkill program. 

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