ROI Educator Boot Camp: TASUS Corporation

ROI Educator Boot Camp Update: On Thursday, regional K-12 educators toured TASUS Corporation. Headquartered in Bloomington, IN, TASUS Corporation is an advanced manufacturing facility supplying plastic molded components, decals and nameplates, and distributed products to the automotive and transportation markets. TASUS also has manufacturing locations in Hamilton, Ontario; Georgetown, Texas; and Florence, Alabama. It is among 24 global companies in 32 locations owned by Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.

In addition to touring the facility, Boot Camp participants learned about jobs available at TASUS and in the advanced manufacturing sector. They learned that students can find job and career paths right out of high school if they have the desire to continually learn and improve. They also learned that employees can advance and get additional training through employers such as TASUS.

Boot Camp educators hope to use the information they learned at TASUS to have conversations with students about career and job opportunities to explore within Southwest Central Indiana’s key industry sectors.

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