READI 2.0 Project Inquiry Forms Live

Submissions due by May 17

Thank you again for helping the Indiana Uplands secure $30 million more in READI funding from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. Hundreds of Uplanders helped shape our region’s READI 2.0 application through listening sessions, working groups, focused conversations, and more. Thank you for generously contributing your time, talent, and energy to the READI process. Our shared commitment to regionalism is propelling the Indiana Uplands to new heights!

We are now ready to collect information on potential READI 2.0 projects and programs. We have opened up project inquiry forms to gather information on potential projects that could be good candidates for READI 2.0 and associated funding for blight remediation. A separate inquiry form is available to collect information on potential arts and culture projects.

Reminder: READI 2.0 funding will be used for new investments in quality of life, quality of place, and quality of opportunity projects. Read the full IEDC announcement. At this time, we are not asking for full applications but enough details to allow us to build a list of strong potential projects. We’re on call to answer questions or provide assistance! Reach out to us at

We’d also love your help to get the word out. Your help in sharing the project inquiry forms with stakeholders in your communities will be invaluable.

Thank you for all you do for the Indiana Uplands!