ROI Educator Boot Camp: CAP Group LLC

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ROI Educator Boot Camp Update: Regional K-12 educators visited CAP Group LLC in Bedford, Indiana on Tuesday. Educators were given the opportunity to view the advanced manufacturing facilities and engage directly with workers on the operational lines within the company.

CAP Group is dedicated to trimming and finishing auto parts. Transmission cases are brought from nearby GM Bedford Casting. Utilizing robotic technology and automated presslines, cases are trimmed and pressed. Shot blasters are also used to knock off any rough edges to ensure parts are smooth and clean prior to shipment.

CAP Group is one of a family of companies that also includes Bedford Recycling Inc., Bedford Machine and Tool Inc. and Metal Technologies Inc. in Bloomfield.

Participants in the ROI Educator Boot Camp will use what they learned at CAP Group to educate K-12 students about advanced manufacturing jobs and careers available to them in Southwest Central Indiana.

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